Advent Series 2019: 

"christmas miracles"

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever experienced a miracle? If you saw a miracle, would you recognize it? Join us this Advent season as we dig into the Miracles of Christmas. Each Sunday morning in December we will be exploring the miracles surrounding the first Christmas, and why the miracles of that first Christmas mean we can expect miracles today. 

  • December 1:  “The Miracle of the Moment” , 10 am

  • December 8:  “The Miracle of the Message”, 10 am

  • December 15:  “The Miracle of the Method”, 10 am

  • December 22:  “The Miracle of the Manger”, 10 am

  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

    “Your Miracle”, 5:30 pm

    This will be a traditional, kid-friendly service, so please bring your family and invite your friends!